About us


  • The partnership system of general and specialized hospitals and clinics ensures high professional standards, facilities, medical ethics and serving attitudes to provide high quality and friendly medical services to customers.
  • Health insurance and life insurance: We cooperate with leading insurance companies in the world and in Vietnam to design insurance packages that best fit with the health and financial needs of clients and support clients in making quick transaction of insurance payment.
  • Support clients to find medical specialists and leading medical professionals in Vietnam and Asia.
  • Unique and professional post-care services (appointment reminders, specialist appointments on demand, nursing services, family physicians, etc.)
  • Online Electronic Medical Records (EMR): BLOOMAXX is the first company in Vietnam to provide EMR storage on Web Portal and Mobile Application Services to assist customers in integrating their electronic medical records from many different health care providers.
  • Multiple benefits for customers from using BLOOMAXX membership card: 24 hour online doctor questions and answers service, vaccination reminders, dangerous disease alerts, schedule clinic appointments, purchase of healthcare-related services via BLOOMAXX system of our nation-wide partners (pharmacies, dentists, medical devices, gyms, spa, travel…) at discount prices.
  • Consulting corporates on financial and tax solutions which are related to employee health care program



Vietnamese name: CÔNG TY TNHH CHĂM SÓC SỨC KHOẺ BLOOMAXX   English name: Bloomaxx Healthcare Co., Ltd   Company address: 74 Hoa Cúc, Phường 7, Quận Phú Nhuận, Tp Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam.   Telephone: 028 3517 1317   Email: info@bloomaxx.com   Website: www.bloomaxx.com www.bloomaxx.vn www.bloomaxx.healthcare   Hotline:  (+84) 902 922 802      (+84) 902 536 319